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Age-Friendly committee updates for Spring 2013

June 13, 2013

On March 13, 2013 we welcomed the RM of Rockwood to join our committee.

On April 8, 2013 Age Friendly Stonewall / Rockwood held its fourth Priority Planning meeting at the Stonewall Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre. 

Close to 50 community members attended the event.  This prioritized list, following the Age Friendly domains/themes, was compiled:

  1. Senior as well as Affordable Housing is needed in our area
  • It is noted that the South Interlake Senior Housing committee has been established.
  • A variety of multi-age housing options are also required.
      2. Facilities – a multi age indoor aquatic/wellness centre is needed
  • It must have appropriate access ramps into Olympic and therapeutic pools.
  • It will need private and public partners to make it a reality.
      3. Transportation (Community Support & Health Services)
  • It should be noted that our Home Care and Volunteer driver service is good. 
  • Handivan and transportation options need study and policies updated.
  • Emergency Measures Organizational plans need to be shared with the community.
      4. Accessibility / Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Continued awareness of accessibility concerns into, within, and around their locale are needed for the business community.
  • Paved trails are needed with benches, green space, and exercise stations.
      5. Social Participation—Activities
  • Directory of services and activities needs to be compiled and communicated to all.
  • Intergenerational activities promoting respect and interaction should be highlighted.

Communication is essential for all ages.  As a committee we are focusing on

  • Letters of support to local groups,
  • Intergenerational activities,
  • Public awareness of the age friendly benefits of our community. 

The committee plans to recognize groups and businesses that promote Age Friendly initiatives.

The complete listing of suggestions contributed by community members is available upon request.

by: Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative


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