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Resource Team

Hamiota, R.M. Office

Phone: (204) 764-3050
Fax: (204) 764-3055

75 Maple Avenue East, Box 100
Hamiota, Manitoba
R0M 0T0, Canada

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Hamiota, Town

Hamiota, R.M. Office

phone: (204) 764-3050
fax: (204) 764-3055

, Manitoba

The Town of Hamiota is situated in the Westman Region. The first settlers arrived in the late 1870s. Soon after the extension of the Great North West Central Railway to Hamiota, it quickly became populated with immigrants in 1891 and became its own entity in 1907. Hamiota received its name from one of the original settlers, Thomas Hamilton. The word “iota” is a native word meaning “plenty”, depicting the rapid settlement in the area.Based on the 2006 census data, 823 people live in the town. Thirty-five percent of the population is 65 years old and over, with the median age being 50.8 years. Hamiota joined the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative in June 2009 (third round).